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collateral management system

When to involve collateral

Do you want to take full control of your company’s collateral process? As many banks no longer trade with counterparties without a collateral agreement, it is very important for your company to secure the value of every loan you make.

One of the main reason to why you have to take collateral is credit risk reduction, where credit risk refer to the risk that any borrower will default on a debt, by failing to make the payments which he or she is obligated to do.

There are also other motivations to why two parts choose to take collateral from each other. One of the things companies can do is to make a reduction of exposure. The reason why parties want to do this, is in order to do more business with each other when credit limits are under pressure, for whatever reason. Collateral can also be used because an existing opportunity to achieve regulatory capital savings by transferring or pledging assets. A simple and very logical reason can, of course, also be the possibility of access to more business abroad.

If your company are interested in the above mentioned, you can get a lot of help and expert knowledge by using a collateral management system. The system enables you to reduce operational risk and manual workflows.

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investment performance measurement

Do you measure your company’s performance?

Have you always wondered how you can be more efficient in tackling investment performance measurement? To measure on performance is very important and with a new product called “Performance Manager”, you can conduct in-depth analyses at every decision-making level within your company. The Performance Manager allow you to utilize consistent and 100% transparent data. Go to www.simcorp.com and read more about the varoious soluations for your company to use.

In itself, Performance Measurement can be defined as the process of collecting, analyzing and reporting information, concerning the actual performance of many different things. It can be that a company want to measure the performance of everything from an employee or an organization to a system or a component. Neely have made a definition of Performance Measurement, saying that it is: ““the process of quantifying the efficiency and effectiveness of past actions”

No matter how a company measure their performance, the measurement in itself is critical. Bad performance also create bad results, where good measurement helps a company achieving success as they can react on concrete and accurate data when making future decisions.

Is your company insured?

When we talk about insurance, there exist a lot of different solutions and possibilities for getting insurance. Also, a lot of questions come into mind on whether or not to get insurance and in case so, what should be insured?

In Denmark we love to feel safe, which is why we are so well insured. The government offers health insurance and many of us are more than willing to pay almost 50% in taxes to be as safe in our everyday life as we are! But what about when it comes to your business? Have you thought about getting insurance for your company?

If you have problems finding insurance, I can suggest you get insurance risk management if you need cost reduction and top-line revenue growth. If you find company insurances a bit complicated, I can definitely recommend you and your company to look deeper into this aspect.

Sharing is caring – also when it comes to new software

Until recently I have not had such great experience with using specialized software in my work life. But when I fist started exploring the many options that lie within business solutions, I was quite amazed. There are so many tasks that I can get done in half the time. And ad my parents always told me, that sharing really is caring, I want to share some of these very helpful solutions with you. This post is about the software from SimCorp calles Market Data Manager, which as the name explains quite clear helps you manage all available market data.

In short terms this solution does the work of searching all available sources for the data you need and provides it to you in a simple program on your computer.

With Market Data Manager you get all the real time market data you need in you daily work. As an example I have downloaded price informations, exchange rates, bids and much more. By getting real time market data automatically you’re always updated on the latest changes.

The real time market data solution is integrated with a number of price providers which gives you a wide spectrum of formats and data providers to fulfill your market data needs.

Now I’ve been working with this tool for quite a while, and honestly, I’m quite excited about how much time it actually saves me. I don’t have to search the web or log on to the different data sources to get that one specific information I need to finish an assignment. Now the next problem is; What should I now do with all this spare time?!


The new thing in social medias

There are so many things going on when it comes to social media, but recently I really realized something very smart. I have checked out many companies online, trying to figure out, what is the whole deal about being there, and it certainly seems to pay of. They get a lot of attention from the consumers by being where they are – on the social medias. They can attract them by competitions, updates, stories, pictures and much more, but it certainly also takes a lot to manage all this information. For example, my friend told me the other day, that they use a tool to manage their Facebook advertising. I had no idea you could do that now a day, but he was an ardent advocate of it I must say. As he talked about it, it all sounded very structured, and that I really liked about it. Since Facebook advertising came it has developed a lot, and today we see the result: if I check the prices on a specific product online, I can see the exact same product appearing on my Facebook page – that is clever. The companies know that I am searching for it, now the only need to tempt me to buy it.