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financial risk management

Facing the Risks with Financial Risk Management and its Outcome

As the risk domain continues to increase, risk management executives in financial services play a more visible and significant role within organizations. Financial Services Risk Management can help you loosen up the numerous challenges of risk management; regulatory advisory services to the banking and capital markets, insurance, asset management, energy and corporate treasury sectors.

You need to be proactive in any ways. You need to understand how organizational process and technological aspects can properly combine to enhance risk management and to help get the result you want.

Financial Services Risk Management experts provides broad lifecycle advisory services, from creating a strategy down to the process of implementation and is often delivered by global, multi-disciplinary risk service teams. With practical guidance and a truly integrated service approach, you can make a difference – achieve your business techniques by developing risk management practices and improving business performance. Not only that, with continuous implementation, you can minimize those risks and negativities and be able to welcome the very fruit of your labor.

However, to be able to achieve it, the management must be staffed by experienced risk management expert on the industry; especially as a quantitative analyst, risk technology architects, control professionals and former regulators.

The approach to risk management and compliance strategies can help you improve and your risk and regulatory framework. Improving the integration of financial services risk management practices within the circulation can increase your revenue and manage your risk to maximize shareholder value.

The Areas of Focus of Financial Services Risk Management

-Credit risk is for the borrower. In default, it refers to any type of debt failing to make payments which it is obligated to do.

– Economic capital is the amount of risk capital and is assessed on a realistic basis. It requires covering the risks that it is running or collecting as a going concern, such as market risk, credit risk, and operational risk.

-Enterprise risk management and governance

-Liquidity risk

-Market risk and quantitative advisory service

-Operational risk can be the critical; it would require your efficiency on managing and organizing every single data on file.

-Regulatory compliance


Business Innovation Harnessed With Investment Portfolio Management Software

Spreading your finances across different types of investments diversifies your investment portfolio regardless of your business chooses to dabble in different types of investments such as stocks, bonds, small- or large-cap, domestic or international, and so on. Manual management of such diversity is a feat beyond human capabilities. Enter the investment portfolio management software.

An investment portfolio management software should be able to centralize organizational work accomplished by different teams in different departments with the application of organized tools that aggregate data and impacts a company directly or indirectly with its risk management measures and at the same time maximizing the company’s investment returns.

Of course, an investment management software is only a tool in keeping the company’s finances straight and thriving. However, if paired with the right business outlook, it is capabilities of taking your return to lengths.

Innovators in this digital age such as Google and Apple have a strategy in common: they diversify investments. Be it different investment types, existing or emerging technology, and poring their finances in both the local and international markets, they have numerous investments with varying stages of maturity: early stage projects and hefty internationally utilizes services.

If your company is looking at diversifying investments, keeping track of them all will require a centralized system such as those available in a good investment portfolio management software.

However, without a centralized data feed, your business may struggle with innovating and diversifying, especially without vigilant financial advisers and strict monitoring. Details that are easily overlooked are made impossible to skip on with a software to manage your investment portfolios. Therefore investment growth and details as well as changing trends that entail risks can also be caught before your business takes a blow.

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Fund Accounting Software

What are the Benefits of a Derivatives Processing Solution?

With a derivatives processing solution, you can easily optimize your derivatives processing processes. It allows you to manage the whole trade cycle of your OTC and exchange traded derivatives. Below are some of the most significant benefits of such a solution.

Adapt to market infrastructure changes. With an integrated and flexible derivatives processing solution, you are able to better adapt to changing business and market needs. All of the processing will be handled in a single solution to reduce complexity. A wide range of commonly used OTC instruments might be covered, but you can add many more by using a separate hybrid modeling kit to make the derivatives processing job easier.

Easily report and reconcile contracts. A derivatives processing solution uses one database for all of the processing from front to back. Because everyone can access this single source of truth, you can reduce errors and operational risk. With this all-in-one solution, it would be easy to report and reconcile OTC contracts (whether cleared and non-cleared) with the trade repository. Also, via an FpML-based interface, you can easily integrate the solution with third parties like MarkitSERV for the confirmation and affirmation of trades.

Control the collateral process and reduce risk. A derivatives processing solution supports ETD and both centrally cleared and non-cleared OTC derivatives. You can actively monitor and manage collaterals and have a margining process at your command for cleared trades. You will have a clear overview of received and delivered collateral, a real time overview over positions available as collateral, and a streamlined process in the administration. This gives you the ability to mitigate the counterparty risk of OTC derivatives contracts, and you further reduce the risk by calculating variation margins based on theoretical or imported prices.

Grow the business with a robust and scalable solution. The automated workflows and processing capabilities of a derivatives processing solution give you a scalable and robust solution. Because your organization can access the same truth from the real time database, you can make better investment decisions. The simplified processing and standardized workflows for all instruments save time, and the scalable derivatives processing solution will let you expand your operation capacity.








Fund management system

On fund administration systems

The existence of a fund management system will be the main focus when it comes to the fundamental analysis and decision support policy used by portfolio managers in an organization. Fund is necessary for a company or business to continually operate. An organization’s goals for growth and success are also essential in this type of system. The competitive advantage will be strengthened as well established when a fund management system will be in place. There are a number of advantages when such a system exists in a business or organization.


Growth in all business aspects. Just like change, the growth of a business can never be stunted since this is a clear sign of how stable that business is. Growing with your business as you take on more customers, venture types, portfolios and a lot more will be the same growth that a great fund management system aims to achieve so that it can provide the required support. A system that is capable of growing as the business grows will be necessary so that the business will not be left behind. Lastly, fund management system should preferably be one that does not increase in cost as the business grows. It has to be competent but not costly for the business to keep.


Access to real time information. Access to information at any given time is highly significant. The information needed real time that will provide competitive advantage to the business should be accessible in within a few clicks. This is the indicator of a highly effective fund management system. Essential data on asset management should not take hours or spreadsheet manipulations to access. This will defeat the purpose of having such a system. It has to be automated as well since access to such will cut down on both costs and risks involved.


Customizable interface. Each business has a different need when it comes to having fund management system. It is important that the user interface for example of such system is something that can be tailored to address a business’ needs. Once this is taken into action, the business can easily achieve its goals since they are getting exactly what they need.