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What You Can Do with Investment Management Software

Any business or firm faces a unique set of accounting and financial reporting challenges. These are inevitable, and can eat up so much time and money if they are not handled well. Fortunately, we now have available a wide range of integrated general ledger and investment management software systems that can get your office running smoothly. With an investment management software, you can do main things: track your entities and aggregate data.

Track all your entities in a single place

With an investment management software, you can have partnership accounting, foundation management, trust management and personal property management. With the investment management software, you can easily account for all these complex activities. Whether it is tracking the tax basis, capital gains, investment income, or cash distributions, you can confidently rely on the software capabilities for all your investment accounting needs.

Investment management software handles the accounting for all the different types of entities you face when working in your firm or business. These entities can include LLCs, trusts, partnerships, estates and foundations as well as individuals. The flexible chart of accounts can easily accommodate the varying requirements for each of your entities.

Aggregate data from all of your managers

Data aggregation is an important task for any weather manager in a firm or business. Consolidation investment transactions from multiple custodians, like brokerage firms, trusts and banking institutions is not an easy feat. Neither is measuring the portfolio performance of multiple accounts across different entities unless you have an investment management software system that is up to the challenge.

With the data retrieval capabilities of an investment management software, you will have a complete system to handle these challenges. You can download transactions and update all of your client’s portfolios, including hard to price securities like bonds, warrants and option, and create consolidated personal financial statements easily.



cahs and securities management

The Benefits of Cash and Securities Management Systems

The manual reconciliation of cash and securities can present a significant operations risk and create a barrier to getting higher STP rates. Cash and securities management systems deliver great control and visibility to the financial reconciliation of cash and securities instruments through automation. Cash and securities management software replaces manually-intensive and paper-based processes. It is designed to be a volume insensitive reconciliation solution with integrated exception management tools designed to automatically manage exceptions as they occur. This support the drive to reduce both back office and costs and operational risk.

Take control of your secularization. Cash and securities management solutions puts you in firm control of all your securities lending and repo activities. The tools at your disposal allow you to act on opportunities when they occur in the marketplace, giving you a competitive edge. With a cash and securities management system, you can accurately forecast short and long-term cash and securities balances as well as requirements and movements. This allows you to make effective use of your available assets for securities lending transactions.

Efficient cash management. With cash and securities management, you have an overview of bank account balances and expected movements, and you define the periods you want to monitor. You can forecast the likely impact of expected coupons, dividends, FX forwards maturity, deposit closings, manual external payments and many others. Also, cash and securities management solutions let you sweep balances into the main account to improve earnings of interest or reduce interest expenses on overdrawn accounts.

Automation improves productivity and saves resources. The instant overview of the positions provided by the cash and securities management solution allows you to reduce the administrative tasks related to securities lending, avoiding time-consuming manual allocation of the securities you want to lend. It aids in ensuring that the securities are available for lending and lent out when the right opportunities exist in the marketplace, and optimizing the workflow minimizes your total risk of engagement in securities.