Månedsarkiv: september 2014


Best way to travel

What is your dream travel destination? And when you have thought of that, then what is your favorite way to travel? By car, hitch hiking, first class on a plane or something else? I used to really prefer going to somewhere and exotic and then just flying there. Nice and easy! But for some reason, those priorities have really changed within the last couple of years. I have become quite the adventurer! Maybe it “all” started when I backpacked around India for three months about two years ago. We then travel with train and bus and made it all around the vast country. And then this past summer a friend and I travel around Italy by car, and after those two holidays I have completely lost my “urge” to travel in the lazy manner that I used to prefer. And now some friends and I are planning another adventure! We are going to go to Island Airwaves in Reykjavik in Iceland, and then we will also travel around the island by car. In that way we will be able to go and see all the amazing sites on our own time. We are definitely going to see the blue lagoon and then we also want to go horse bag riding.