Månedsarkiv: maj 2015


Highly recommendable software

Being a portfolio manager in the financial sector can be a hard and complicated job. I have always worked with in this field of profession, but just with in the last five to ten years, there have been massive changes. First of all the Internet has revolutionised the industry but secondly more and more intelligent software programs are making the lives of asset managers so much easier. Making decisions has especially become more easy, since we can now use programs to conduct complex analysis on one single platform. The Danish software conglomerate SimCorp makes the software we have decided to use, which is a company who is a frontrunner when it comes to software applicable in the financial industry. They offer a wide range of software solutions, and we have so far decided to go their portfolio accounting software. This specific software covers all our need related to managing the diverse portfolios we hold. The software includes socalled intuitive position analysis and investment-simulation capabilities, with risk and performance metrics seamlessly integrated into simulations and strategies.

But the short of the long is, that we are extremely pleased with our decision about using SimCorp’s portfolio accounting software for our daily needs. I can only recommend this software for any one, who does portfolio accounting.


credit: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/