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Highly recommendable software

Being a portfolio manager in the financial sector can be a hard and complicated job. I have always worked with in this field of profession, but just with in the last five to ten years, there have been massive changes. First of all the Internet has revolutionised the industry but secondly more and more intelligent software programs are making the lives of asset managers so much easier. Making decisions has especially become more easy, since we can now use programs to conduct complex analysis on one single platform. The Danish software conglomerate SimCorp makes the software we have decided to use, which is a company who is a frontrunner when it comes to software applicable in the financial industry. They offer a wide range of software solutions, and we have so far decided to go their portfolio accounting software. This specific software covers all our need related to managing the diverse portfolios we hold. The software includes socalled intuitive position analysis and investment-simulation capabilities, with risk and performance metrics seamlessly integrated into simulations and strategies.

But the short of the long is, that we are extremely pleased with our decision about using SimCorp’s portfolio accounting software for our daily needs. I can only recommend this software for any one, who does portfolio accounting.


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Portfolio accounting software

Portfolio is best described as a grouping of financial assets which includes stocks, bonds and cash equivalents. Also included are their mutual, exchange-traded and closed-fund counterparts. Portfolios are often handled by investors and/or managed by financial professionals. This is the reason why portfolio managers are sought after by several companies and business owners for today. Their services include investing a mutual, exchange-traded or closed-end fund’s assets, implementing its investment strategy as well as handling the day-to-day portfolio trading. To ensure success with the overall business process, portfolio accounting software is often used along several up to date programs found today.

There several factors that needs to be considered with regards to portfolio accounting. Several industries benefit greatly from this type of business process such as insurance companies, Banks, Credit Unions & Broker/Dealers, Commodity Trading Advisors, and many more. With that in mind, a lot of companies and business owners are looking for different opportunities to speed up and improve the portfolio accounting process. They are able to do so upon the acquisition of latest apps and programs such as the portfolio accounting software which can be easily found in the online market allowing for several companies to easily grab and integrate such innovations for their business.

In this ever-changing world where innovations are just around the corner, new products and services are created at a moment’s notice in a short amount of time. The same can also be said with software that does wonder to a business with the improvements that they bring to their business process. The likes of portfolio accounting software is considered to be a very handy and convenient program to acquire as it brings to the table a lot of features which is worth looking at which makes investing in portfolio accounting software quite a viable option to consider.

Portfolio accounting software values their user’s time as it delivers timely and on demand data required in decision making in a short amount of time. It is also quite easy to retrieve such vital information through portfolio accounting software as it stores important data with almost a limitless amount of capacity and storage. Speaking of storage, portfolio accounting software provides cloud storage to their clients and it allows them to save and access their files at any given time or place. Since most of companies and business owners are equipped with modern internet connection, it is easy to integrate portfolio accounting software to their business having little to no issues in the process and one can easily get a digital copy found in several online websites today.

Companies and business owners who make use of the latest innovation and technologies and apply them directly to their overall activities are often rewarded for their endeavors. A lot of people consider the acquisition of portfolio accounting software to be a very rewarding investment that really goes a long way in developing your business. You can find out more about this wonderful software by looking for additional information over the internet today.

Investment book of record & ibor

Records play quite an important role in any type of business as this helps companies and business owners keep track of their overall progress and development. The same can also be said with regards to an investment record as it needs to be updated on a regular basis to ensure that investments are well regulated and maintained. This is where the presence of an investment book of record & ibor becomes very handy as it helps provide its users as they are able to take a huge amount of load off their backs with its wide range of benefits that they can bring into the table. Discussed below are a few features of investment book of record & ibor.

Investment book of record & ibor has made quite a name for itself and has received its fair share of the spotlight particularly to business owners. Considered to be a key operational requirement, investment book of record & ibor is highly valued in the investment management industry and this is the reason why companies today often look for a competent investment book of record & ibor that is able to provide their needs and preferences with regards to the investment record keeping process.

With the help of investment book of record & ibor, decision making is made easy and fast. Companies benefit greatly in making timely decisions and investment book of record & ibor makes this a possibility with its up to date positions across all asset classes which includes cash in order to make better investment decisions. Investment book of record & ibor also features enterprise post trade compliance in which also provides up to date compliance function as well as system wide exposure management tools. Users can play around and test this software out as most of the investment book of record & ibor found today has integrated their features to modern technologies. Along with it come a few notable improvements in the overall investment recording process.

An up to date Investment book of record & ibor allows for effective cash management to companies and business owners today. Aside from that, operational risks are also reduced as its users are given a clear overview of their position to be able to act accordingly on the current situation. Reduced operation risks produces reduce operation costs as well and all of this is made possible in an effort to give companies and business owners a firm and solid grasp of their situation.

Find a suitable program that is able to provide investment book of record & ibor today. Such type of software are often created and made to make the overall business process and activity an easy task to accomplish. It is ideal for companies to try and be updated with the latest innovation and technologies found today to give them the edge against the strong competition. Help your business effectively grow and proper by giving it a proper investment book of record & ibor today.

portfolio tracking software

Portfolio Tracking Software

In this world of globalization and high technology, a company should be in step with the modern and technological ways in which it should be run. Technology tools are needed so that it can access data fast and decisions that are fit are made immediately. This can be the portfolio tracking software that a company needs, and running the business can be on a smooth path. This should be the case if the company aims to have a wide reach globally and have that competitive edge. Portfolio tracking software can be the solution especially when problems are met and answers should be provided immediately. This will be hard to do and decisions hard to make when data is not immediately available.

The necessary services should be provided fast, and this can be provided through automation with the portfolio tracking software. Without this tool, and information needed to help find solutions are still to be dug up from various files, decisions will not be made and provided immediately, giving competition the capability to catch up. This should not be the scenario, making the importance of the portfolio tracking software high in the priority list. Technology these days is already very innovative, making problems that companies encountered before very hard to tackle; these days, solutions can be provided fast.

This can be the edge provided to the company, the competitive edge with portfolio tracking software because of the capabilities to provide fast solutions to problems encountered. Accessing data is already automated and with just a click made, possible solutions and answers to problems can be made immediately and quick decisions are done, leaving no room for competition to take advantage of the situation. With portfolio tracking software, the company will always be on track and ahead of competition.

A big advantages of having portfolio tracking software is access to data and information in real time because of automation, and this can also be the detailed information needed, making informed decisions made fast by the decision makers. Flexibility can also be exercised well by the decision makers because they have all the accurate data and information at hand. This is a big benefit acquired with having portfolio tracking software, making the company a step ahead because of the smooth sailing of business operations, being capable of handling problems and coming up with solutions fast.

Managers usually need a system, and they need this in order to come up with solutions to help them in achieving their short and also long term goals for the company. With portfolio tracking software to help them, they will be able to solve problems and achieve company goals in the long term. They will have quick access of data needed to provide them with answers to business concerns encountered, and data is in real time, being automated. This is the bigger advantage and benefit they get with portfolio tracking software, giving them capabilities to make decisions fast because of quick access. There is no delay in getting information, making their competitive edge intact because there is no possible business problem encountered and not solved fast.


An Innovative Application with Portfolio Management Software

Time is of the essence and this is indeed quite true especially with business owners as important deals, and sales can happen and get cancelled in a short amount of time. With the help of modern technology, companies and business establishments are able to thrive and compete successfully making use of the latest innovation to their advantage. Portfolio management software became a very handy and convenient application that helps business owners make on time and on demand decisions saving them a considerable amount of time as well as resources in the process. Portfolio management software is sought after by many managers today.

Business owners today make use of the latest innovation and technologies using to their advantage. The technology is readily available and what’s left is for managers to grasp and grab a hold of it. Portfolio management software is able to integrate and work seamlessly well making it easy to use. This allows efficient and hassle free management with the use of simple software. The work involved in investment processing is considered to be tedious and exhausting. This is why many regard it as a very daunting and intimidating task. However, with the assistance of Portfolio management software, the job became much simpler and easy to do.

Back then it was quite hard to follow up and overview what is happening with regards to investment processing. Portfolio management software has streamlined and made it into one simple application. Everything is monitored and managed with the use of a single program. This allows manages to handle several tasks such as trade simulations, order entries, pre-trade compliance and many more. Because of its streamlined feature, there is no further need to open many applications making it easy to manage with a simple click of a button. This is a very welcomed feature which many business owners love. Portfolio management software balances this feature well with their innovative design.

As mentioned earlier, time is of great value and is also irreplaceable. This is why every second counts with regards to decision making and investment process. It is good to hear that the main feature of portfolio management software is their speed and reliability which greatly helps in daily investment processing. With their help, managers and business owners are able to do task more diligently with speed and confidence having little to no worries about marginal errors as everything is seen and overviewed. This makes the acquisition of portfolio management software a very worthwhile investment.

It is always a good idea to practice transparency with every business transactions and process. This can help give one an overview of the activities that a company has engaged with. Luckily, Portfolio Management Software gives clients the freedom to foresee things giving up-to-the minute management information and is accessible at any given time.  This lowers the cost as well as the risk that managers have to take making it more safe and secured. Learn more about the benefits and the other features of Portfolio Management Software when you look them up over the internet.

Fund Accounting Software

These Three Points about Fund Accounting Software May Change the Way You Promote Business Accountability

Automation is seen as the answer to most problems in the business world. For a fact, owners and managers have been finding ways on how to enhance their business operations to cut off not only the time required to complete a process but also the resources expended. Specifically laid out to boost the productivity of businesses, a fund accounting software replaces the role of manual accounting which enables management to submit and fetch data between ledger accounts in a seamless and accurate interface. Not only does fund accounting software give businesses the advancement it needs to adapt to the competitiveness of the industry, it also provides them with the opportunity to minimize cost and raise productivity.

A fund accounting software works in many ways, one of which is to allow segregation of numerous funds and create specific chart of accounts for each fund type. In this manner, every transaction related to any of the existing funds gets inputted into the accounting system and recorded in the respective ledgers that can be retrieved and evaluated by any authorized person. Without a complete fund accounting software, businesses would find it hard to comprehensively handle all transactions in a daily basis, becoming susceptible to the threats of error and fraud.

Aside from creating a clear electronic database for an uninterrupted flow of data, a fund accounting software enables businesses to export summary and footings of ledger balances in a fast and convenient way to comply with all reporting requirements. Whether to observe regulations or to meet stakeholder demands, a fund accounting software will most likely lift the burden of doing most of the exhausting accounting processes by giving you the power to export, verify and print financial statements whenever needed. Not only does fund accounting software answer financial reporting issues, it also is time and resource-efficient.

Moreover, with the accuracy of results made possible by the automatic and logical transfer of accounting data throughout various business processes, the credibility of accounting information generated from the fund accounting software is enhanced as what can be seen in most businesses that employ fund accounting software in their accounting system. Stakeholders of the company begin to feel more confident about the statements issued to them as being more transparent and reflective of the organization’s efforts in emphasizing accountability in their operations. With this, fund accounting software undeniably becomes an essential tool that every business must have.

collateral management system

What You Can Do with Investment Management Software

Any business or firm faces a unique set of accounting and financial reporting challenges. These are inevitable, and can eat up so much time and money if they are not handled well. Fortunately, we now have available a wide range of integrated general ledger and investment management software systems that can get your office running smoothly. With an investment management software, you can do main things: track your entities and aggregate data.

Track all your entities in a single place

With an investment management software, you can have partnership accounting, foundation management, trust management and personal property management. With the investment management software, you can easily account for all these complex activities. Whether it is tracking the tax basis, capital gains, investment income, or cash distributions, you can confidently rely on the software capabilities for all your investment accounting needs.

Investment management software handles the accounting for all the different types of entities you face when working in your firm or business. These entities can include LLCs, trusts, partnerships, estates and foundations as well as individuals. The flexible chart of accounts can easily accommodate the varying requirements for each of your entities.

Aggregate data from all of your managers

Data aggregation is an important task for any weather manager in a firm or business. Consolidation investment transactions from multiple custodians, like brokerage firms, trusts and banking institutions is not an easy feat. Neither is measuring the portfolio performance of multiple accounts across different entities unless you have an investment management software system that is up to the challenge.

With the data retrieval capabilities of an investment management software, you will have a complete system to handle these challenges. You can download transactions and update all of your client’s portfolios, including hard to price securities like bonds, warrants and option, and create consolidated personal financial statements easily.



cahs and securities management

The Benefits of Cash and Securities Management Systems

The manual reconciliation of cash and securities can present a significant operations risk and create a barrier to getting higher STP rates. Cash and securities management systems deliver great control and visibility to the financial reconciliation of cash and securities instruments through automation. Cash and securities management software replaces manually-intensive and paper-based processes. It is designed to be a volume insensitive reconciliation solution with integrated exception management tools designed to automatically manage exceptions as they occur. This support the drive to reduce both back office and costs and operational risk.

Take control of your secularization. Cash and securities management solutions puts you in firm control of all your securities lending and repo activities. The tools at your disposal allow you to act on opportunities when they occur in the marketplace, giving you a competitive edge. With a cash and securities management system, you can accurately forecast short and long-term cash and securities balances as well as requirements and movements. This allows you to make effective use of your available assets for securities lending transactions.

Efficient cash management. With cash and securities management, you have an overview of bank account balances and expected movements, and you define the periods you want to monitor. You can forecast the likely impact of expected coupons, dividends, FX forwards maturity, deposit closings, manual external payments and many others. Also, cash and securities management solutions let you sweep balances into the main account to improve earnings of interest or reduce interest expenses on overdrawn accounts.

Automation improves productivity and saves resources. The instant overview of the positions provided by the cash and securities management solution allows you to reduce the administrative tasks related to securities lending, avoiding time-consuming manual allocation of the securities you want to lend. It aids in ensuring that the securities are available for lending and lent out when the right opportunities exist in the marketplace, and optimizing the workflow minimizes your total risk of engagement in securities.


Business Innovation Harnessed With Investment Portfolio Management Software

Spreading your finances across different types of investments diversifies your investment portfolio regardless of your business chooses to dabble in different types of investments such as stocks, bonds, small- or large-cap, domestic or international, and so on. Manual management of such diversity is a feat beyond human capabilities. Enter the investment portfolio management software.

An investment portfolio management software should be able to centralize organizational work accomplished by different teams in different departments with the application of organized tools that aggregate data and impacts a company directly or indirectly with its risk management measures and at the same time maximizing the company’s investment returns.

Of course, an investment management software is only a tool in keeping the company’s finances straight and thriving. However, if paired with the right business outlook, it is capabilities of taking your return to lengths.

Innovators in this digital age such as Google and Apple have a strategy in common: they diversify investments. Be it different investment types, existing or emerging technology, and poring their finances in both the local and international markets, they have numerous investments with varying stages of maturity: early stage projects and hefty internationally utilizes services.

If your company is looking at diversifying investments, keeping track of them all will require a centralized system such as those available in a good investment portfolio management software.

However, without a centralized data feed, your business may struggle with innovating and diversifying, especially without vigilant financial advisers and strict monitoring. Details that are easily overlooked are made impossible to skip on with a software to manage your investment portfolios. Therefore investment growth and details as well as changing trends that entail risks can also be caught before your business takes a blow.

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Fund management system

On fund administration systems

The existence of a fund management system will be the main focus when it comes to the fundamental analysis and decision support policy used by portfolio managers in an organization. Fund is necessary for a company or business to continually operate. An organization’s goals for growth and success are also essential in this type of system. The competitive advantage will be strengthened as well established when a fund management system will be in place. There are a number of advantages when such a system exists in a business or organization.


Growth in all business aspects. Just like change, the growth of a business can never be stunted since this is a clear sign of how stable that business is. Growing with your business as you take on more customers, venture types, portfolios and a lot more will be the same growth that a great fund management system aims to achieve so that it can provide the required support. A system that is capable of growing as the business grows will be necessary so that the business will not be left behind. Lastly, fund management system should preferably be one that does not increase in cost as the business grows. It has to be competent but not costly for the business to keep.


Access to real time information. Access to information at any given time is highly significant. The information needed real time that will provide competitive advantage to the business should be accessible in within a few clicks. This is the indicator of a highly effective fund management system. Essential data on asset management should not take hours or spreadsheet manipulations to access. This will defeat the purpose of having such a system. It has to be automated as well since access to such will cut down on both costs and risks involved.


Customizable interface. Each business has a different need when it comes to having fund management system. It is important that the user interface for example of such system is something that can be tailored to address a business’ needs. Once this is taken into action, the business can easily achieve its goals since they are getting exactly what they need.