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Never too late



I am sitting here and thinking a little bit about “life”. I am not sure why, but for some reason I am always more pensive and a little bit more melancholic on Mondays. The last couple of weeks I have especially been thinking about getting older and “growing up”. The reason being is that these last couple of weeks, I really feel like a have gotten older. I feel more comfortable in my own skin and I have more faith in my self and my own abilities than I ever have. But getting older is also a bittersweet experience for me. The time that has passed reminds me of dreams that have been shattered, and dreams which have not been fulfilled. But then I got to thinking: Getting older does not have to mean that all of these dreams have been lost! It just means that they have yet to be fulfilled, and that I have the rest of my life to fulfil them. And that it is never too late. I guess that I have reached some kind of life philosophy with all of this considering and thinking: Life is really just about realising your dreams. The first dream I want to fulfil is taking a vacation Greenland. I have always thought of this, but never really “Had the guts”. But I guess it’s never too late :-)


Best way to travel

What is your dream travel destination? And when you have thought of that, then what is your favorite way to travel? By car, hitch hiking, first class on a plane or something else? I used to really prefer going to somewhere and exotic and then just flying there. Nice and easy! But for some reason, those priorities have really changed within the last couple of years. I have become quite the adventurer! Maybe it “all” started when I backpacked around India for three months about two years ago. We then travel with train and bus and made it all around the vast country. And then this past summer a friend and I travel around Italy by car, and after those two holidays I have completely lost my “urge” to travel in the lazy manner that I used to prefer. And now some friends and I are planning another adventure! We are going to go to Island Airwaves in Reykjavik in Iceland, and then we will also travel around the island by car. In that way we will be able to go and see all the amazing sites on our own time. We are definitely going to see the blue lagoon and then we also want to go horse bag riding.

visit greenland

I long for new experiences

There are many reasons to why I love travelling. When travelling in other countries, we as people have a lot of expectations. We expect to meet other people different than us, see different things and do different things. Most of the times however, the most valuable lesson we will take with us is, that we are not so different. Instead, we share so many common needs and feelings. Many of my own experiences abroad have teached me these lessons and have been gained by staying with families from the countries I have visited.
Last time I made a visit to Greenland, where I lived with a big family of 4 children, two parents and an aunt. At the time I lived at their house, they have stayed in Nuuk for their whole life. Due to this, they knew everything and teached me well about the culture and living in the capital of Greenland.


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